Lana Del Rey’s Surprise Performance at Waffle House in Alabama Amazes Fans

Lana Del Rey, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, made headlines with an impromptu performance at a Waffle House in Alabama on July 21, 2023 ,Created a buzz on social media as fans and spectators were pleasantly surprised by the surprise gig. Known for her soulful and emotive music, Del Rey’s decision to take the stage in an … Read more

James Cameron Denies the Rumors About Him Making a Film on Titanic Submersible Disaster

Titanic director James Cameron has denied the “offensive” rumors that said he was in talks to make a disaster film about the tragic story of OceanGate’s Titan submersible. Cameron confirmed that he has no plans to ever make a film about the sub that imploded and killed all five people aboard on its way to … Read more